A blurry vision


I’m living on the beautiful island, Curacao. All year round it is sunny, with the exception of the month December, which can be a bit rainy. A average day is around 30 degrees. For me this is PERFECT.

For 5 years I studied in The Netherlands, with its four seasons. I dreaded the seasons; longing for summer, which sometimes were even rainy. I couldn’t wait to go home, aka Curacao. As soon as I received my diploma, I headed back home: sun, shorts, sandals and beach… Life is sweet! It sure ‘appears’ to be so.

With this blog I’d like to share the superficial side of my life: acrylic nails, make-overs, beauty / hair products, but also my struggles.

In my early 20’s, I struggled a lot with health issues. My doctor suggested to try alternative medicine, so I ended up trying homeopathy. It appeared that I have a yeast allergy, the similar allergy as my mom; thank you, genes!!!

This allergy changed my view on food completely: Food was just fuel.

Just to give you an insight in this allergy; foods containing yeast are bread, fruits, sugary foods, certain dairy products and ingredients with high sugar levels such as glucose, fructose, dextrose… just to name a few.

Not many people have this allergy and it’s quite difficult for people to understand it. Reading labels is extremely important, as is asking for ingredients and preparation methods at restaurants.

With this blog I’d like give insight in dealing with this allergy, and how it affected my life.



2 thoughts on “A blurry vision

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you have to deal with such a severe allergy, its great to have a blog to let out all your feelings to supportive people! If you have time could you check out my blog and maybe leave a comment? Thankyouuu<3

    1. I’ve learned to live with it. Plus now I’m in the stage of re-introducing fruit (with low fructose) back in my diet, once a week a piece of fruit. Till now it goes quite well!!

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